Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya!

Change happens. Change is a part of life.


You may have been a team player. Maybe a high performer. Maybe just a player. No matter the case, everyone wants to feel valued and respected.


But what happens when a change is made, either voluntarily or not, and you are on your way out of an organization. I would find that most of us would want to make that transition as smooth as possible. Tying up loose ends. Making sure all necessary information is passed along and provided to the right person or teams to carry on the work.


Sometimes, just sometimes, on the way out you get the real glimpse of how you may have been viewed by management.

Having a company, or management, go dark on the way out speaks volumes about two areas: (1) how important did they really view you on the team and (2) what kind of leader are they really.


Regardless as to the reason a change is made, there is a way to treat people. Even if the manager is not happy with the situation, there is a way to approach such a moment.


Leadership is being your true self all the time to the team and individuals. Faux leadership is putting on one face for the team and then showing your true nature in other moments. People don’t forget how there are treated and will share those feelings openly with others given the right opportunity.


Be a leader, not a pretender.

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