Recruiters are yet again facing a difficult economy and with that comes reductions, and the fear of reductions. Many organizations have already slowed hiring or have entered a hiring freeze (or a hiring pause to make it sound a bit better to the external market) and that is being felt by a large population within the talent acquisition community.


Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Meta, Alphabet/Google, Microsoft, Saleforce, Cisco, DoorDash, Goldman Sachs, Twitter, Zillow, Coinbase (and many more than I am able to list now), all have had some sort of talent acquisition reduction; through contractors or full-time staff or both. Just scroll through your LinkedIn feed and you will see the shared stories of who has been impacted and how they were impacted.


Yes, I am one of those impacted as well.

The daunting task of finding a new work-home is underway for so many of us, and just looking at the statistics on LinkedIn is frightening. We all know that networking is the most advantageous way to secure a new role, but applications are on the rise. Recruiters working on those openings are surely inundated with resume review, some of those examples are below (the following recruiter rolese are compiled from LinkedIn under jobs posted within the last 24 hours of the screengrab):

Those are a lot of resumes to review, potential candidates to vet and present for next steps.


For those out canvasing the market right now, I empathize with you and absolutely wish you the best with your search. Let’s help each other and work to get everyone back to work!








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