The Recruiter Farmer

Over 20 years in recruitment/talent acquisition and have worn many hats including sitting in HR and helping employees, recruitment branding, social recruitment and more. I began a little venture called “the HR farmer” back in April 2010 and had a fun run with some great collaboration. I also contributed to “Brand Yourself”, a personal branding site with some fantastic individuals and great content.

Now I’m back (back again) as “the Recruiter farmer” to talk all things recruitment; all about the hunt and customer service. The principles of recruitment and talent acquisition have not changed, but the landscape of the workforce and the cultural surroundings have. Barriers have been broken, and we are rebuilding. Creativity to find people remains the center of what we do, but it is more than just finding them but also about how you treat them. It is about engagement, storytelling, phone calls, conversations and the candidate journey!

This narrative will be about recruitment, technology, strategy, tactics, people and how to crush it!

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