New Year, New Resolutions

The fire of 2020 looked to be diminishing in 2021 but, alas, that was not to be. We are ending 2021 in a similar dumpster fire of 2020 and the early stages of 2022 is headed in that direction. Holiday celebrations in quarantine, with masks, and social distancing are all the rage yet again. Or not, depends on whom you speak with on the subject.


So as we look forward to a new year, are you already thinking about resolutions? Are you making both personal and professional resolutions? Or are you opting to focus on one?


Personally, I feel resolutions are a fad. Great for January but how quickly they evaporate from our thoughts once the calendar changes months. For this reason, I am focusing on only one personal goal and one professional goal.


Personal Goal for 2022

  • It is extremely cliché, but I truly have to work on my health. I’m not going to commit to going to the gym 5 days a week or something that I know I will not succeed in helping to achieve this. This goal is more of a wholistic approach. Getting my steps in each day. Exercising at home or the gym, whichever fits my schedule. Making time in my work calendar (even 30 minutes) to help me achieve this. I do not feel this is an unrealistic goal, but it is one I need to incorporate to my daily life.


Professional Goal for 2022

  • Develop/improve leadership skills. I view myself as being a people person, a good listener, empathetic and helpful. I think I take on more than I should because I feel that I can get it done. I need to improve on leadership; delegating when needed and being comfortable relinquishing responsibility to others. Helping teams to run projects, set goals, and providing constructive critiques.


Resolutions (or goals) are great to set but make them realistic. Make them something you want to achieve rather than something that is a wish list item. What is, or are, your resolution(s)?


Commit yourself mentally and commit to helping you.


I wish you nothing but success!

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