About Me

I have been in the recruitment industry since 1998… back when we flocked to the office first thing in the morning to grab new resumes off the fax machine and put resumes onto letterhead with the copier machines. Back when Monster and CareerBuilder were gamechangers for recruiters and job boards dominated recruitment budgets. 

I began as an IT agency recruiter and after over 7 years I made the change into the corporate recruiting world and have not left.

Why “kufarms”?

Some of you may have seen my social handle as @kufarms and it has a story behind it, maybe even a personal branding moment, that defined a significant portion of my life. 

Once I chose the university I wanted to attend, I went to an incoming freshman orientation weekend. Many of these sessions I had with a football player, a rather large offensive lineman to be more precise and we couldn’t have been more polar opposites but we got along really well. We were both in athletic programs in college, he being in football (American football for some of you) and me in soccer (football or futbol to some of you), we had similar schedules and with a lot of these commonalities it led to being roommates made sense… and so we did.

Fast forward to the first day of college and we are all moved in. At some point we decided to go down to the cafeteria for dinner. On our way out of the dorm, we meet some of our neighbors in the hallway. Typical introductions begin and I say I am Keith, and my roommate gives his name as Del.

And there it is, the moment.

No way, you’re not Keith… you two are the Farmer and the Del!

From that moment in time, some people never knew my name was Keith again. I was seemingly forever known as Farmer or Farms. And as my university was Kutztown University, that leads to where the “KU” comes from, thus… “kufarms” became first my email handle and then evolved into my social tag.

Call me Keith, or call me Farms or Farmer, I’ll reply to either; all because of one singular moment.

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