Diversity & Inclusion – Part 2 – Recruitment Branding

Our last post discussed Diversity & Inclusion Strategy  as the next step we will discuss Recruitment Branding for D&I.


I have seen many companies who are using diversity images in their recruitment marketing but when you investigate the organization, it isn’t matching what they are communicating. There are far too many instances of this, and I am not going to finger-paint at any company directly.


But the story they are telling does not match what is actually behind the curtain.


In order to begin to engage the market, there are a number of steps you should (and need to) take:


  1. Content That Attracts Candidates You Want

When you think about content, this is not a brag session. This content needs to be highlighting what the company is doing and success as a result of its D&I efforts. Highlight how the company is partnering with historically black colleges, partnering with community organizations and associations, being in person at events. These are just a few samples of showing your investment and not just saying “we need to make a change”. It will take an investment, both culturally and financially, in order to begin to make a D&I impact in your business and make a change.


  1. Stories, Images, Videos

Share. Share. Share. Highlight D&I employees, share their stories, share impacts on the community, share events, share meetings. Let your audience see you for what you are doing and how you are making an impact. Be a D&I storyteller.


  1. Employee Development

Probably one of the most underutilized programs is how to help your internal employees get ahead, especially if you struggle with D&I already. You have to look internally and see how your company is able to create promotional, career opportunities for all of your employees. Mentor programs. Being able to allow employees to take a percentage of time and work on business projects in order to get exposure to more responsibility and to have a proven result. This helps with internal networking, confidence and visibility.


  1. Employee Networks

Create content that all of your employees can share. A D&I program is not just limited to HR and recruitment but needs to be a company and employee focus as well. Create content that is easy to be shared by your employees. Help your employees to extend the message and reach into their networks to spread the success.


Recruitment and marketing need to partner on this strategy for the best ways to engage and attract in the market. Make sure both are involved with events or initiatives. This needs to be a “lock step” approach and not something that is communicated to one team at a later time. Partnership. Partnership will lead to success.


Is your company being successful with your D&I approach? Share your thoughts and successes!


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