Improve Upon Your Recruitment Email Marketing

Email. What seems to be the lifeblood in business. Inboxes are overwhelmed between business related, personal items, distribution emails from stores, and of course junk. In the midst of these hundreds or thousands of emails, how do you get yours to be read?


Email marketing, and recruitment marketing, is extremely competitive and the open rate on emails ranges from under 17% to just over 19%, a clickthrough rate of 10-11%, and a bounce rate of 9-10%. These 3 metrics are critical in evaluating your email campaign for success or improvements:


  1. Measurement of people actually click/read your message
  2. Measurement of people taking action (call to action or CTA)
  3. Measurement of website visitors who take no further action


The subject line of the email is of critical importance. If it does not speak to the audience or catch their attention, there will be no further action other than skipping over your message or deleting it without hesitation. Take time to craft your subject and use tools to provide feedback and suggestions on how to make them even better. A couple of great (free) tools to use are:


NetAtlantic –

CoSchedule –


There are many other tools to use but most are a paid service but, if you are looking for a starting point, these will certainly help get you thinking the right way.


Also work on A/B testing of your messaging, both in subject and in body. If you are sourcing 200 leads then break that list up into 4 groups of 50. So you will have:


  • Subject A
  • Subject B
  • Message A
  • Message B


Now you will run 4 emails to the test groups:


  1. Subject A with Message A
  2. Subject B with Message B
  3. Subject A with Message B
  4. Subject B with Message A


This will help to examine the effectiveness of a subject and message. Granted, the larger the sample size the more data you will be able to gather and adjust your messaging.


What have you found to be successful in your messaging? Share your thoughts in the comments.





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