The Next Evolution in Recruitment Conversations

The recruitment industry loves to chase the next shiny thing and sometimes we find ourselves all over the place as a result of this chase. Many of us have our core toolset and then look to add or replace or both depending on how effective a new tool may be.


Well, Clubhouse is not necessarily a tool and, at least at this moment, not everyone has access to use it (iPhone users are lucky here)! I shared a brief thought on LinkedIn this past Friday which in which I compared Clubhouse to the emergence of Twitter back in its infancy.


To me, Clubhouse is exactly what Twitter was when I first joined. It was an amazing way to meet and interact with a diverse group of people who are all sharing a common interest. At that time, I joined for recruiting conversations and networking, but it truly evolved into an educational platform. I was able to read amazing content, join engaging conversations and meet amazing people.


Clubhouse is giving me those same feels but now I get to listen to great conversations and even jump in when I want to try and add to the topic. These are conversations that I would not have had on any other platform, but Clubhouse is allowing a whole new level of engagement and learning to occur. The subject matter experts across industries, thought leaders, new connections and existing friends are all in the same place and having a more dynamic conversation.


If you are not there already, I hope you will join in an add to the already fantastic conversations that are constantly occurring. If you are not there yet, let me know and if I have any invitations, I will be happy to help you get started.


I look forward to talking with you soon!

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