The Unsolicited Agency Email And The Key Ingredient For Failure

I began my recruiting career with an IT agency where we placed IT professionals with varying backgrounds in clients all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. I understand the challenges that come along with the agencies and the advantages and disadvantages that come along the way.


I currently work with agencies and partner with a few that are great partners… they are solid relationships and ones that I find extremely valuable in support of the business.


Having said all of this…


I am contacted daily by at least 10 agencies looking for business. I get it, they have to cold call and chip away with communication and just try to get a toe in the door for a conversation.


I truly get it!


But what continuously amazes me is the email message that attempts to guilt me into a conversation as a “last” attempt (it’s never the last attempt). Maybe it works with some people. But for me, it’s a total turn off on doing business with you.


I’m one that will save contact information for the future and pull it up if there is a need to expand our partnerships. But once I receive that email that remotely turns me off to that organization, I cross them right off of my list and update my notes to not consider them in the future.


If you are trying to work with me and start off by trying to make me feel badly that I haven’t replied to your unsolicited message, then we definitely don’t need to go any further.


I just wish some people would think more big-picture and realize just how negatively this reflects on both you and your organization in the future.


Food for thought.

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