Underutilizing Video in Recruiting

A few years ago, and what seems like even longer than that, video was front and center in the recruitment branding/marketing conversation. Video job descriptions, messages and other social sharing was a strongly used attraction tactic and gained a lot of visibility as even a business model for some to focus on.

More recently, this “next shiny thing” has lost some of its luster. While video is the highest consumed medium and it is estimated that over 90% of the population trust organic user generated content (UGC), recruiters use of video has seemed to diminish. Recruitment branding has become more of the focal point through highlighting employees, highlighting “a day in the life” of specific roles, employee interviews, among other content.

Personally, video was a great attraction piece to provide a lot of information in a short message to individuals typically via email. My prior manager was a content fiend, wanting videos constantly to increase engagement with a call to action driving them to apply for a position. His formula did have a high conversion rate and an increase in quality of candidates.

Over time and through transitions, video has really faded in usage in this regard. Images seemingly have replaced much of this for even more quickly consumed fact sheets about what companies are doing regarding any number of topics.

I am still betting on video and looking to increase my production for attraction efforts. Are you with me? I’m believing you won’t because it isn’t the next thing, it’s older technology. I’ll let you know how it goes.



Isn’t it ironic I didn’t use a video in this post?!

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