Diversity & Inclusion Part 4 – Metrics

Here we are, part 4 in the series and the final piece of the diversity and inclusion puzzle. If you missed the prior topics, feel free to look back:


Now we have arrived at the final installment of this series to discuss Metrics… you must determine your effectiveness. Every CRM/ATS now will provide some depth of metrics, you may even layer additional tools on top to provide a deeper dive into metrics, but whatever the case you are pulling data.


As we already discussed, the business needs to define what “diversity” means to your organization. Assuming this has already happened, now we need to look at exactly what to track. So, what are the options?


  1. How many leads have been sourced?
  2. What is the source of the lead(s)?
  3. Leads converted to applicants?
  4. How many interviewed?
  5. How many received offers?
  6. How many accepted/declined?


This will also lead to another conversation regarding quantity versus quality. Any sourcer or recruiter can overfill the funnel with leads, but that does not make them qualified and interested leads. The “qualified and interested” lead far outweighs a lead sourced as those, typically, convert to an applicant. Make sure to take into account metrics that make sense.


What other metrics should be considered? Keep the conversation going in the comments!






I wanted to include additional blog posts for your review if you are looking for more on this topic!































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