I have had conversations with a few recruiters recently who appear to be hesitant to try new tactics or new tools in their search routine. The conversation always gears towards something along the lines of:

Ok, well if we get that (insert specific tool here), I don’t want it to replace LinkedIn Recruiter because everywhere I’ve worked has had it and if we don’t have it then I am not sure how they expect us to find candidates.

What I have tended to notice over the years is there is a fear within recruitment. It might be a fear of the phone which then leads to hiding behind emailing/texting or a just a flat-out fear of trying something new. What is the hang-up for recruiters to expand either their tools or skills? Is it a time management issue, a comfort issue, or even something more and possibly more deeply rooted? Recruiters tend to really enjoy attending conferences and webinars and bearing witness to fantastic techniques and technologies that are shared by a diverse group of presenters, and then fail to incorporate them into their daily plans.

Which leads to the ultimate question on this topic to you:

How have you, your team, or someone you know been able to successfully incorporate “new” into their practical application? What works or what doesn’t work? What is the best means to overcome this fear that resides with too many in recruitment?

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