What’s The Answer To Work Location?

Regardless as to what your personal interest is, companies are leaning heavily in some sort of return-to-work environment. Sure, fully remote roles still exist; however, I am seeing many more hybrid roles in existence.


Covid’s fully remote work environment has certainly shifted the job seeker perspective insofar as the opinion that work may be successfully completed from home. And yes, remote work is not going away. But companies that rely on fully remote positions seem to be on the downward slide.


And, quite possibly, a hybrid role may transition into a fully remote role once productivity is established and proven.


This is translating into an expectation versus reality situation. Job seekers kind of have an expectation of working remotely which in turn drives the applications and interest for those openings through the roof. We are in a competitive work environment and the job market is a reflection on that competitive landscape.


Now in turn, employers that end up on the hybrid scale should have a flexible work environment. Again, Covid changed a lot for people and the ability to be present for family events or functions or happenings is critical to employees maybe more now than ever before. Flexibility allows your team the productive side and the personal life side.


Employers need to realize we are in a give and take environment, and to get the best out of employees requires a level of understanding that many managers may be resistant to today. To get top performers you need to treat top performers with professionalism and that is trusting their accountability to get their work done.


Win. WIN.


Let’s make work actually work for us all.




Image Credit: https://diginomica.com/future-work-remote-or-office-its-complicated-covid-consensus-cracks-vaccine-economy

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