Avoiding the Little Voices

We all have that spot in our mind, that small voice always talking to us and pushing doubt. Not everyone is built like Gary Vee and able to persevere and push through to positivity. Many of us listen to him and take what he says and try to act upon it, but some of us let that voice get louder and carve out a larger place in our mind.


Doubt, negativity, depression (or whatever you would like to call it) can consume us and make us collapse inside.


Everyone needs their people. Introverts may not need their people as often as often, but our tribes are needed.


Our people group keep us in the light, engaged and bring a bit of calm to ourselves. The times we are alone are the times our minds work extra, and that voice gets louder and more distinctive.


Quarantine has made this a central topic in the world, and it is now something recognized by employers and health groups. But even after a year or so of the world reopening, we still see how people are continuing to struggle with the mental aspect of it all.


While teams have been much improved in culture and engagement, many teams still struggle to get to that cohesive state where it is not all business all the time. We are with our work teams for most of the day. Feeling isolated or having the occasional team meeting only goes so far to bridge productivity and the sense of belonging.


This is something that will not be ending anytime soon, and “we” need to come up with real, tangible solutions and implement them as quickly as we can. This needs to be the old “blue light special” and draw attention to it from all over the business.


Stay strong and stay positive.


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