Sometimes, life is about the little wins. Sure, big wins are amazing and can be life changing but the little wins get us going day to day. They can happen in any facet of life, personal or professional, and help us get to the next moment.


Everyone has their own obstacles. Maybe those obstacles are put there from another person or maybe obstacles are put there by each of us. Whatever the reason, those little wins help get us to the next win and the next win and hopefully to a big win.


Professionally speaking, little wins might include:

  • Nothing left on your to-do list at the end of the week
  • Helping a colleague in their moment of need
  • Taking ownership of your work (positively and negatively)
  • Helping someone achieve their goal


Personally, little wins might hit upon:

  • Paying all your bills and having a little extra in your pocket
  • Undistracted moments with family
  • Making someone laugh
  • Being present for those that need you
  • Making time for yourself


As the book says, don’t sweat the small stuff, yet we all sweat “stuff” in some fashion. The more we set little goals, celebrate the little wins, the more impact we can make as people.


Let’s all work to slow down the over-thinking. Enjoy the moments. Step away from technology and enjoy what is around you and those that are closest to you.


Wishing you continues success and enjoyment!

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