Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

Some of you may recall that back in 2010 I began a little project called “The HR Farmer” and shared my thoughts around a plethora of topics. Short posts working to create a dialog around many aspects in HR and recruiting.

Well… I took quite a hiatus from it, faded into the background and took some much needed “me” time. And now I have returned triumphantly with “The Recruiter Farmer”, aligning much more of my conversation to topics and thoughts that impact me daily plus giving my writing a bit of a reboot in the process. I look forward to sharing and interacting with you on all thing’s recruitment including strategy, tactics, trends (old and new), marketing, branding, technology and more.

Thank you for taking time to join me and I am looking forward to the FARMER, Part Deux!

And if sarcasm isn’t your thing, you may have missed some lighter moments above.

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